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View Sailings Shaped by British, Portuguese, West Indian, and African cultures, Bermuda is fringed by teeming coral reefs and the almost impossibly turquoise waters of the Sargasso Sea, due east of South Carolina. This sub-tropical paradise, which blends history with a contemporary and very inviting way of life, is an easy escape from the East Coast. But the island is still a world apart—and a luxury cruise to Bermuda is the perfect way to enjoy this exclusive destination.

Days drift by in a delightful blend of scuba diving, golfing, exploring art galleries and historic fortifications, or simply relaxing on exquisite pink sand beaches. Let Celebrity show you Bermuda’s many charms, with blissful days at sea to unwind on either side of your time on this fascinating island.
View Sailings Rugged coastlines, dramatic lighthouses, and quaint fishing villages under vast skies are all part of the charm of cruises to Canada and New England. The joy of exploring these beautiful shores is the sheer variety you’ll experience on our itineraries, from culture-packed cities like Boston and Quebec City to sweeping landscapes, rocky shorelines, and forests that flaunt their blazing fall colors in one of nature’s most spectacular shows.
View Sailings When it comes to China, only those with a taste for the extraordinary need apply. China is not just a destination; it’s an endless marvel for all the senses, with new wonders waiting to delight you around every corner. Viking Cruises offers an unparalleled journey through China that combines the comfort and elegance of state-of-the-art ships with the rich, diverse tapestry of Chinese culture and history. From exclusive ports to onboard cultural highlights and exquisite cuisine, your China voyage with Viking Cruises will be the story you’ll never stop telling.