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View Sailings Ganges Voyager II

Itinerary: Delhi (three nights, hotel stay), Agra (overnight, hotel stay), Jaipur (two nights, hjotel stay), Kolkata, Kalna, Matiari, Murshidabad, Badanagar, Mayapur (overnight), Bandel, Chandannagar, Kolkata (overnight)
View Sailings Celebrity FloraSM, Celebrity Cruises’ newest ship joining the fleet in May 2019, is making waves in more ways than one. She’s the first ship purpose-built to sail the Galápagos Islands, designed to put environmental conservation at the forefront. Sailing these fragile islands on board Celebrity Flora not only ensures a light footprint, but the ship’s outward-facing design surrounds you in total comfort amid the inspiring beauty of this biodiverse paradise.
View Sailings Celebrity Flora

Itinerary: Isla Baltra, Isla Daphne, Gardner Bay, Punta Suarez, Cormorant Point, Post Office, Galapagos, Punta Moreno, Urvina Bay, Punta Espinoza, Isla Isabela (Vicente Roca Point), South Plaza, Cerro Dragon, Puerto Ayora, Isla Baltra
View Sailings What does it mean to be purpose-built for a destination? For Celebrity Flora. the newly launched ship from Celebrity Cruises, it's about leaving a light environmentaI footprint while making the Galapagos Islands the center of your attention.
View Sailings Specially designed to explore the extraordinary treasures of the Galápagos Islands, Celebrity Flora? is a cruise ship with a purpose.
View Sailings Celebrity Flora®

Itinerary: Quito (two nights, hotel stay), Baltra Island, Daphne Island, Gardner Bay (Española Island), Suarez Point (Española Island), Cormorant Point (Floreana Island), Post Office Bay (Floreana Island), Moreno Point (Isabela Island)n Urvina Bay (Isabela Island), Espinoza Point (Fernandina Island), Vicente Roca Point (Isabela Island), South Plaza (Santa Cruz Island), Dragon Hill (Santa Cruz Island), Puerto Ayora (Santa Cruz Island) Baltra Island, Quito (overnight, hotel stay)
View Sailings American Constitution

Itinerary: Baltimore, Norfolk, Yorktown, Williamsburg, Yorktown, Jamestown, Washington, Mount Vernon, Potomac River, Cambridge, St. Michael’s, Annapolis, Baltimore
View Sailings Your journey starts in Lisbon, the city that launched some of the world’s most renowned explorers. Following the Douro River through Portugal and into Spain, you’ll cruise past steeply terraced hillsides, quaint villages and acres of ripe vineyards.
View Sailings New Ship! S.S. São Gabriel

Itinerary: Lisbon (three nights, hotel stay), Coimbra, Porto, Porto, Entre-Os-Rios, Régua, Pinhao, Pinhao, Vega de Terron (overnight), Salamanca, Barca d'Alva (overnight), Castelo Rodrigo, Régua, Porto, Guimaraes, Porto
View Sailings National Geographic, Explorer, National Geographic Orion, National Geographic Endurance

Buenos Aires (overnight, hotel stay), Ushuaia, Drake Passage, Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctic Peninsula (five nights, hotel stay), Ushuaia, Buenos Aires