The Lamm is the kind of welcoming, centrally-located, wood-paneled Gasthaus where locals go to eat well-prepared traditional Swabian dishes in an atmosphere of cozy camaraderie. The Allgäu cheese soup warms on a cold day (€4), and the Brotzeit platters, including sausage salads and fried Camembert cheese, are good “light” meals that go well with wine or beer. Many main meat dishes (€10.50-15) are served with housemade Spätzle on the side, and a single portion of the delicious Käsespätzle is so large that it’s a challenge for one person. Family-owned and operated, with a friendly staff.

Contact: Gasthaus zum Lamm Bindstrasse 60, 88239 Wangen im Allgäu, tel. +49/7522-6675, fax 3507

Rating: QUALITY 12/20, VALUE 12/20