Free Hotel Guide

One of the better free books available is Schweizer Ferienhotels (Swiss Hotels for Holidays). It lists 200 hotels in small towns and villages and contains all the necessary basic information prices, phone and fax numbers, facilities, etc. The printing is high quality and there is one or more color photos of each hotel. The brief descriptive text on each hotel is in German but the symbols used to indicate hotel facilities and features are explained in English. The Swiss National Tourist Office in Los Angeles has a limited number of copies remaining so act promptly.

Another SNTO publication you may want to ask for is their 1993 Season for Seniors. This booklet covers options for older travelers to Switzerland.

Both these publications are available at no charge by contacting the SNTO at 222 No. Sepulveda, #1570, El Segundo CA 90245, telephone 310-335-5962

Stuttgart Flower Show

Flower lovers from professional botanists to weekend gardeners should include Stuttgart on their summer travel itinerary. The world's largest horticulture show, IGA Stuttgart-Expo 93, 250 acres of dramatic gardens, parks, special floral displays and the ultimate in landscaping, runs from April 23 through October 17.

A Week on the Mosel

From May through October, Neumagen-Dhron, a quiet village along the Mosel, offers inexpensive packages entitled Eight Days In and Around the Mosel Valley for from 390 DM to 510 DM ($238 to $311) per person including seven nights accommodations, dinners and breakfasts. Among the varied excursions are tours to the ancient Roman town of Trier, Luxembourg, Idar-Oberstein and the Eifel region. Contact: Tourist-Information, D-5507 Neumagen-Dhron, telephone 06507/6555.

Tegernsee Deals

Until April 3, the Bavarian, lakeside resort of Tegernsee offers vacation apartments with facilities for as many as six persons for from 40 DM ($24) per day. Guest houses, pensions and bed and breakfast accommodations are available for as little as 20 DM ($12) per day. A minimum seven day stay is required. Contact: Fremdenverkehrsgemeinschaft, Postfach 1451, D-8189 Tegernsee, telephone 08022-180149.

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January 1993