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Easily the best travel site we've found on the Internet is Hotel Anywhere!.

This grid has links to just about everything travel related on the Internet, interlinking over 18,000 separate travel related web sites and growing by roughly 300 - 500 new links per week. Browsers can search by type (airline, hotel group, travel magazine) or by geographic area.

Included in Hotel Anywhere!s table of contents are:

1. Direct on-line reservations search and booking tools.

2. Agents (including some 1200 adventure travel specialists and tour operators.)

3. Airlines (links to some 240 web sites.)

4. Auto rentals, motorcoaches, and RVs (links to over 40 web sites)

5. Cruise lines (links to over 100 web sites)

6. Golf (links to over 50 web sites.)

7. Lodging chains and groups (links to over 80 web sites)

8. On-line travel magazines (links to over 100)

9. Skiing (links to over 45 web sites)

10. Tools for travelers

11. Travel related USENET Newsgroups (9 active)

12. Other travel directories and travel information (over 400 sites)

The Hotel Anywhere! pages are largely free of graphics making searches relatively quick.

Other sites of interest include:

Of the two Austria web sites, the most interesting and useful seemed to be the Austria-based one. We wished, however, for a complete listing of hotels for the various cities and/or provinces, similar to that provided by Mörbisch on the Neusiedlersee.

'96 River Cruise Fares

This year KD River Cruises of Europe will operate eight-day cruises in both directions between Nürnberg and Budapest or Nürnberg and Vienna, and seven-day cruises between Nürnberg and Vienna. The eight-day cruises are aboard the 104-passenger Heinrich Heine, the seven day cruises on the 106-passenger Wilhelm Tell. The sailing season runs from mid-May to mid-October and departures are weekly.

Fares for the eight-day cruises range from $1,120 to $1,425 in May and from $1,260 to $1,605 in July; fares during the rest of the season are $1,400 to $1,780 and suites are $355 to $445 higher, depending on departure date. May fares for the seven-day cruises are $905 to $955, July fares range from $1,020 to $1,120 and fares on all other dates are $1,130 to $1,245.

All cruises include the Main-Danube Canal which was completed late in 1992 and is the culmination of 1200-year dream of an inland waterway from the North Sea to the Black Sea.

The eight-day cruises to or from Budapest take in four countries Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary and call at three national capitals: Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna.

Ports in Germany include Regensburg, Kelheim, Straubing and Passau.

Austrian ports in addition to Vienna are Krems, Melk, and Linz.

Both the Heinrich Heine, built in 1991, and the Wilhelm Tell, built in 1987, accommodate passengers in twin-bedded cabins facing the river with private bathroom facilities, TV, radio and telephone. Dining rooms allow single meal seatings and each ship also has a bar, observation lounge, sundeck and sauna. The Heinrich Heine has an outdoor swimming pool.

Book with a travel agent or Viking River Cruises, 2500 Westchester Av., Purchase, NY 10577, phone 914-696-3600 or 800-346-6525 from eastern U.S.; and 323 Geary, San Francisco CA 94102, phone 415-92-8817 or 800-858-8587 from the West, including Texas, Alaska and Hawaii.

January 1997