HaCon Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

An absolutely marvelous Internet site for European train travelers is operated by German Rail. This site allows visitors to access train schedules all over Europe. From the main page select the English version and you will immediately find yourself at a very simple interactive page which asks your departure city, your arrival city and estimated date and time of travel (remember to use the European date style and the 24 hour clock: March 31, 1997 is 31.03.97 and 8:15 p.m. is 2015).

Next, click on "Search Connection," then on "Detail" and your itinerary will be displayed in a few seconds. Click on "Journey Guide" and you'll get an even more complete rundown, with arrival and departure times at every stop along the way.

Urlaub in Deutschland

Contains apartment and vacation home listings for Germany. Mostly in German but some English. By no means are the listings complete.

Unfortunately there is no consistency; some listings have no pictures, some have no prices or even phone or fax numbers. Still, a useful tool.

Hotels in Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Contains a fairly complete list of hotels from pensions at 35 DM ($21) per day to the Hotel Eisenhut which charges 380 DM ($232) for its best double room. Includes phone and fax numbers and prices.

Some have their own home page such as Hotel Garni Hornburg (tel. 09861/84 80, fax 09861 / 55 70), which, based on very attractive color photos of its castle-like exterior, guest and public rooms and reasonable prices (double rooms about $72 to $87), is worth consideration.