There is a second way to save money in Switzerland. Don't become involved in an automobile accident. One rainy day last September we nudged the back of the car in front of us when it stopped suddenly. We were at fault.

The car we hit had very minor damage to its bumper. The bottom portion of the central section had been pushed in about one inch or so. Nothing else. Our car had a small dent in the front hood.

Very soon two efficient Swiss policemen (one English-speaking) were filling out the endless paperwork. My deceased mother's maiden name was required. Pronounced guilty by one of the policemen who phoned a local judge to determine my fate, I hoped for a warning. No such luck. I was assessed a hefty 280 Sfr. ($237) fine, payable immediately. As I had only 210 Sfr. I was escorted to the nearest bank where one of the policemen accompanied me inside. We both stood in line and within seconds of the bank making the currency exchange, the remaining 70 Sfr. were safely in the hands of the Swiss police.

Safe motoring in Switzerland. —John Herbert