Swissair has established a special computer reference number to better serve those seeking the airline's special subscriber price reductions. To obtain fares and the current price reductions, call the main Swissair reservation number, 800-221-4750, and ask the reservationist to access "G-star, reference QL2JLQ." This will enable the reservationist to access the area of the Swissair computer which contains information regarding the Gemütlichkeit program.

Currently Gemütlichkeit subscribers are eligible for the following:

  1. $50 off any roundtrip winter sale fare.
  2. $100 off any roundtrip economy class fare.
  3. $400 off any roundtrip business class fare.
  4. $600 off any roundtrip first class fare.

Please be aware that you must book and purchase your ticket directly with Swissair to obtain the price reduction.

For more info, call Gemütlichkeit at 800-521-6722