The German Railway System

The Deutsche Bahn AG (DB) operates a route network of approximately 40,000 km (24,800 miles), of which some 17,000 (10,500 miles) are electrified. More than 33,000 trains (including 1,200 long-distance trains) transport more than 4 million passengers per day.


Long-distance and local systems are coordinated, providing close connections. The major intercontinental airports in Germany (Berlin-Schnefeld, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich and Stuttgart) are also integrated in this system.

With a top speed of 280 km/h (174 mph) the InterCityExpress (ICE) trains set new standards in high-speed-transportation within Germany. Each train has a restaurant car where travelers can choose between a traditional restaurant or a self-service bistro section.

Domestic InterCity (IC) trains complete the long-distance network on 8 lines mostly at hourly intervals. International EuroCity (EC) trains are integrated in this system and link Germany to neighboring countries on more than 60 connections.

InterRegio (IR) trains link regional centers of Germany at two-hour intervals and provide excellent connections from and to the IC/ICE/EC network. IR trains serve famous tourist destinations such as the Black Forest, the Bodensee, the Bavarian Alps and places on the North and Baltic Sea. IR trains have special seats for small children and space for at least eight bikes (bike compartment reservations mandatory). The IR Bistro Café car serves light fare and beverages, including beer on tap.

Train Info In Germany - Call 19 4 19 (preceded by local area code) for train information, reservations and to order tickets.

Porters/Luggage Cars - In major German train stations porters are available and are recognized by their red caps and sweat shirts. The first 2 pieces of luggage cost about $3 and additional pieces are about $1.50. Luggage carts are available with 1 or 2 DM coins.

Luggage Delivery/KurierGepäck - Next working day, door-to-door luggage delivery is available via a special carrier. KurierGepäck tickets are available at DB ticket windows and DB travel agencies. Phone 0180133 20 5 20 in Germany to arrange for pickup of luggage. Delivery within Germany is usually the next working day.

PostGepäck - This service uses the postal system to deliver luggage within Germany. PostGepäck tickets are only available at DB stations or DB travel agencies. The luggage is to be checked at one of 18,000 German post offices. Depending on the distance, luggage is delivered to the desired address on the next working day or at least on the second working day.

September 1998