Hotels are recommended in the Black Forest, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Bonn and near the Bavarian Royal Castles. Plus, recommended restaurants are in the Black Forest and Bonn.

Big Comeback

Not only has Gasthaus Zur Blume, (Schnellinger Strasse 56, D-77716 Haslach im Kinzigtal, tel. +49/07832/01250, fax 912599) been restored from the fire, Familie Moser now has an Internet page ( This is one of my favorite Inns of Europe. While the building was completely rebuilt, the mustard yellow paint was retained - oh well, tradition is important.

Erskine Havens
Via email

(Ed. Note: This Black Forest inn offers double rooms at about 100 DM ($46) per night.)

Rothenburg Gem

We have just completed our umpteenth trip to Europe and have again used your newsletter for guidance. We used hotels you recommended and ate at many places you have rated with no disappointments.

Several years ago you rated the Hotel Garni Hornburg (tel. +49/09861/8480, fax 5570) in Rothenburg. We usually fly into Frankfurt and make this our first stop. A couple of days here really puts you in the German frame of mind.

This was our fourth stay with Martin and Gabriele Wetzel. You can find no better hosts. They make you feel at home in their home. Martin has been doing a lot of updating in many of the rooms and plans to redo the lobby this winter. He has just signed a new 10-year lease on the building. Therefore, the discreet traveler will be assured of having a great place to stay for 10 more years. On our first visit to Rothenburg, the Wetzels recommended a small restaurant inside the wall, the Silver Candle. If you want true German food, great service, reasonable prices and a place full of Germans with few tourists, if any, this is the place to go.

The Lisl Hotel (tel. +49/08362/8870, fax 81107) in Hohenschwangau was first-class as always although a true tourist haven.

Too many of your suggestions were used on this trip to list them all. We drove over 2000 km and had our copies of Gemütlichkeit with us at all times. Thanks for many good recommendations.

Walter Schellhase
Kerrville TX

Bonn Restaurant

My husband and I recently returned from a trip to Germany and Austria, and wanted to make you aware of a wonderful restaurant, the Bistro im Kaiser Karl Hotel (Vorgebirgsstrasse 50, D-53119, Bonn, Germany, tel. +49/0228 /696967).

This was our first trip to Germany. My interest in music, particularly that of Ludwig van Beethoven, landed us in his birthplace, Bonn. We enjoyed a friendly reception, good service, and comfortable accommodations at the Kaiser Karl Hotel, which is a few doors down from the bistro, but separately owned and managed.

My husband and I are both vegetarians and with my limited knowledge of German language, finding meatless meals was a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, we arrived in Germany in time to experience Spargel Zeit, when an abundance of freshly harvested green and white asparagus floods the markets and restaurants. Walking past the bistro, we decided to check out the menu, and found in addition to the regular dinner offerings a special all-asparagus menu...our reservations were set.

The Bistro is owned and run by Philippa and Markus Schnitzler. We were graciously greeted by Frau Schnitzler, and after a brief friendly conversation (partially in German, partially in English Frau Schnitzler speaks both fluently), we were treated to a vegetarian appetizer which Herr Schnitzler prepared especially for us: a delicate, perfectly seasoned tomato creme soup. Entrées, wine and dessert were equally delectable, beautifully presented with excellent, courteous service.

The interior of the bistro is stunning - an authentic Parisian bistro that was literally dismantled in France, shipped in pieces to Germany, and reconstructed in its new home on the corner of Vorgebirgsstrasse.

Needless to say, we will add the outstanding meal, first-rate service, and warm treatment experienced at the Bistro to all the good memories of our first-ever German holiday.

Susan O'Kane
Stamford CT

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