Austria Train Deal

I received your April 1995 issue in the mail today and noted the German train deal that Jerry Elenz wrote about. Not only is this offer for local trains a great deal, the 15 DM price for travel all weekend is for up to and including five people! That works out to as little as 3 DM per person. The offer runs through December 31, 1995 and may be purchased at any German rail station.

There is another interesting train offer from Austria to other European countries. The City Star Ticket (easy to pronounce even for non-German speakers!) allows travel from any Austrian city. There are City Star Tickets from Austria to the Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, and Italy. The first person pays the discounted price, the 2nd through 5th passengers pay 1/2 the discounted price. It depends partly on how far within Austria and also how far from the Austrian border that one is traveling but it doesn't take much travel to make this a very attractive option.

John Nielsen
Vienna Austria

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May 1995