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#9 Hallstatt

This tiny, unique village on the steep side of a Dachstein foothill above the waters of the solemn Hallsttersee, is traversed by one narrow road restricted to residents and delivery vehicles which is regulated by five-minute stoplights at each end of town. Its train station is on the lakes opposite shore. Hotels and food are simple and there is little nightlife.

Top Sights

  • Parish Church
  • Chapel of St. Michael and its charnel house packed with skulls and bones (occupants of the tiny cemetery are exhumed and moved to the charnel house after just a few years in the ground)
  • Heimatmuseum

Suggested Activities

  • Visit the local salt mines
  • Electric boat trip on the lake
  • Excursion to Dachstein Caves

Places to Stay

  • Haus Sarstein, A-4830 Hallstatt 83, tel. +43/06134/8217

Food Suggestions

  • Dine at your hotel.