The first thing one notices about the Rosengarten is that someone is wild about minerals. There are pretty rocks and crystals and geodes everywhere, many on exhibit like a natural history museum, and some for sale. The next thing is the immaculate quality and excellent value of the hotel. Everything is beautifully kept up and in perfect order, with little welcome signs on the polished pine doors.

The hotel is just a few steps away from the town square, but our room had a large private patio with an expanse of hill behind it. For €110 a night, it's hard to beat. Black granite bathroom counters, check. Heated towel rack, check. Shower but no tub, well okay. Since there's a nice indoor pool and spa downstairs, maybe we can do without the tub.

The only minus was the sour expression on our young waitress' face when we went for a light supper. We were the only ones in the restaurant that night apart from a few patrons having a drink on the patio, but she clearly wasn't happy to see us or take an order in English. It took quite a while to finally get the Swabian wurst salad (€5.10) and the plate of cold cuts (€8.80), the beverages, and finally, cutlery. Main courses €8-14. Good thing we had eaten so much at lunch at Schwarzwaldstube. Restaurant service notwithstanding, the Rosengarten makes an excellent, well-located budget sleep for anyone in town who wants to eat at one of the Bareiss or Traube Tonbach restaurants.—by Lydia Itoi

Contact: Hotel Gasthof Rosengarten, Bildstöckleweg 35, 72270 Baiersbronn/Schwarzwald. Tel: +49/07442/84 43 0, fax 84 34 34, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,

Daily Per Person Rates: €43-65

Rating: Quality 12/20, Value 16/20