How to Properly Insure Your Italian Rental Car

When renting a car in Italy you must purchase collision (CDW) and theft insurance. Declining this insurance is not an option and the price you are quoted will always include it. Sounds good except there's a catch: the insurance comes with a substantial deductible or excess, usually in the €1000 to €3000 range. That means if there is damage to your rental car, or if it stolen, you will pay the first €1000 to €3000 to repair to replace it.

What happens when you show up at the rental desk but there is no car for you?

Below is a recent email we received from the Auto Europe night crew. One of our customers arrived at the Hertz counter on the French side of the Geneva Airport a few minutes past 10pm (1am West Coast time) only to find Hertz had shut down for the night. She used the 24/7 toll-free-from-Europe help line we provide to all customers. Read on to find out what happened...

In December, this customer took advantage of our guaranteed Avis upgrade in Germany. He booked an economy category car and was given a free upgrade to a 4-door, VW-made Seat Leon Station Wagon. For a 15-day rental he paid $21.93 per day including 19% value added tax, 22% airport fee, and winter tires.

There is also a guaranteed upgrade from compact to intermediate (VW Passat or similar) and intermediate to full-size (Mercedes C-Class or similar) that includes free GPS. Get a quote here.

rsz mercedes benz 1370536 640By far the best deal on a European car rental is in Germany.

Book an intermediate category car and receive a free, guaranteed-in-writing upgrade to a full-size category car with GPS. Cars in the full-size category include the Mercedes Benz C-Class, Audi A4, BMW 3 series, and others.

The price for one-week is $216 plus about $10 in road tax. The two week price is $367. (This same car is priced for one week at $386 at the Avis website).