Europcar No Longer Requires International Driving Permit in Germany

Europcar in Germany has quietly dropped its requirement that renters from North America carry an International Driving Permit (IDP). However, as some European countries require it, rental companies continue to recommend the IDP.

Avis Germany has drastically reduced international one-way rentals. Though fees can be astronomical, one-way rentals between certain countries are still permitted by Europcar and Hertz. Avis also now charges 30 euros if a rental car is returned to a different location than called for on the rental contract. In other words, if you signed a contract in which you agree to return your rental to, say, the Frankfurt Rail Station, but during the rental decide it's more convenient to return it to the Frankfurt Airport, you'll be charged an extra 30 euros.

European rental car companies are beginning to charge fees on returned rental cars that require more than usual routine cleanup of trash removal and vacuuming. Bring back a rental car in Europe with an unusually dirty interior (dog hair on upholstery, for example) and you're now likely to be tapped for a cleaning fee. The charge, typically 50-60 euros, will appear on your credit card after you've returned from your trip.

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