Generally speaking there are no one-way fees for rental cars picked up and returned within Germany. The lone exception (so far) is Hertz, which charges 25 euros to drop at a different city than the pick-up location. For example, with Hertz, if you pick-up the car at the Frankfurt Airport and want to drop it at the Munich airport, you’ll pay the €25. Hertz also charges a one-way fee of €9 if the car is picked up at one location and returned to a different location within the same city.

Avis* rental agreements in Germany call for a €30 fee on rental cars returned at a location other than the one “agreed upon” at the time of rental. In other words, if your contract calls for Frankfurt Airport pick-up and Munich Airport drop-off and, once the rental in underway, you decide to drop it at a Munich downtown office instead of the airport, the €30 charge will be assessed.

Of course, if you want to start a rental in Germany and end it in another country you’ll pay an international one-way fee. Such charges range from around $100 to more than $4,000, depending on the destination city and country.

*Those who book directly with Avis will be charged about $25 for a domestic one-way in Germany. This fee is waived for our customers, however.

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