This story perfectly illustrates a very important reason you should book your European rental car through us.

Last week, we received an email from our customer "Jack" saying his rental had gone very well except that he had been 2.5 hours late in returning the car and had just gotten a notice from the supplier in Italy (one of the top three rental companies in Europe) of a $290 charge for an extra day of rental.

The rental voucher we issued to Jack through Auto Europe prior to his trip to Italy called for a daily rate of $51, including all taxes and insurance. He assumed that if he was a couple of hours late the most he could be charged would be one full his current daily rate of $51. Sorry. Big, nasty surprise.

The supplier took the position that the voucher covered only the 17-day rental and the extra 2.5 hours constituted an 18th day to which the voucher did not apply. For that added day, they imposed their local rate...a price they would charge to a customer who walked up to the counter to rent a car for a single day.

Jack turned to us for help. We took his case to Auto Europe who told us the supplier was within their contractual right to charge the local rate as the 18th day was outside the voucher dates. However, at our request they agreed to take Jack's case to the supplier who agreed to accept Auto Europe's proposal for a new 18-day voucher at the original daily rate. The supplier then refunded Jack's $290. The charge for the extra 2.5 hours thus became $51, not $290.

Why would the supplier give back $239 when it didn't have to? Because the supplier's best customer asked them to. And why would Auto Europe ask the supplier to return money that, by contract, they had the right to keep? Because one of their top customers for 17 years,, requested they do so.

So remember, when you're a customer, we've got your back. When you book with us, it's not just you alone vs the rental company; you have strong, influential advocates on your team, and Auto Europe.

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