This email from a longtime customer says it all about our “we've got your back” car rental service:

Hertz Rental MUCT50

Munich Airport pickup July 23, 2016

As usual the available car was not as requested. Instead of a Volvo XC90, it was a Land Rover Discovery. It was nearly identical for size and very nice. The problem is that on day 10 of the rental (August 1) we had a flat tire that was not repairable. It turns out there was no spare tire or jack with the car. On August 2 we called Hertz Breakdown Service at 800-801-4801. This was their response: “We can’t help you. This car comes without a spare tire and we have no replacement cars." However, they did send a towing service with a flatbed truck to take the car away.

Also on August 2, I called Auto Europe’s toll free number 00-800-223-5555 ext. 5. I talked with Devin (in Portland, Maine) and he was flabbergasted that Hertz took the car away and left us stranded. He said, “We will not leave you stranded. We will not only get you a car, but we will deliver it to you.” The replacement car was a Volvo XC90 as originally requested and was delivered to us on the afternoon of August 3. By the way, it had a spare tire. This was terrific service. We are so fortunate that we reserved the car through you. Please let Devin know that we appreciate what he did for us.

Karl Ringlein