The Frauenkirch's great stone bulk looms above this restaurant/café's pediment. August the Strong kept a mistress, Countess Anna Constantia von Cosel, here. After that affair fizzled, her personal palace was put to military use. A meticulous Baroque/Rococo restoration recalls the church's history. Two lunch-and-dinner salons compete for attention, perhaps outdone by the Porzellanzimmer café—where coffee, tea, and pastries are served on Meissen tableware. (You might prefer an umbrella-shaded spot on the sandstone forecourt). Expect to spend €13-€19 for a three-course meal.

Contact: Restaurant and Grand Café Coselpalais An der Frauenkirche 12, D-01067 Dresden, tel. +49/351/496/2424, fax 351/498/9805

Rating: Quality 17/20, Value 16/20