On a narrow pub-crawlers' street where twenty-something locals gravitate, a fountain depicting a man stealing two geese stands beside Altstadt's Rathaus. Stroll across the square (behind the Kreuzkirche) to find this non-touristy establishment whose name means "Goose-Thief." Saxon standards include potato-and-sausage soup (€3.20-5.20) and Dresdner Sauerbraten prepared with dumplings and red cabbage (€10.70), as well as Braumeister Schnitzel with pommes frites (€8.95) and several roast-goose entrées, including a remoulade with mayonnaise (€7.95). Two Dresdner desserts are on daily menus: egg-based Eierschecke (sugar-sweetened, sprinkled with raisins) and Quarkkeulchen (a cinnamon-topped cheese-curd oddity).

Gänsedieb stocks 14 kinds of Bavarian-brewed Paulaner pilsners and lagers. Dark-wood walls, bare-wood bar tables, and quirky white goose figurines complete the casual feel. Avoid the first Friday evening of the month unless you like live country and blues music.

Contact: Gänsedieb Café-Restaurant Weisse Gasse 1, D-0167 Dresden, tel. +49/351/8509-05, fax 351/8509 10, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Rating: Quality 12/20, Value 13/20