Similar to Kö Nr. 5a and on the same side of Neustadt street, Le Maréchal de Saxe has comparable courtyard access and invitingly modest dimensions. Here, though, the understatedly chic ambiance is unquestionably French, made evident by movie posters and cinema-celebrity photos from the New Wave heyday when Jeanne Moreau, Jean-Paul Belmondo, and director François Truffaut were all the rage. Fish, gratins, meat, and fowl entrées are tastefully prepared; French-wine prices vary. Dinner will cost, on average, €8.80-12.80.

Contact: Le Maréchal de Saxe, Königstrasse 15, D-01097 Dresden, tel. +49/351/8105 880, fax 351/8105 881
Rating: Quality 15/20, Value 14/20