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The inn is centrally located along the main pedestrian way in Cochem, a scenic town that lies 51 kilometers southwest of Koblenz and exemplifies the idyllic character of the Mosel Valley. From the Alte Thorschenke, guests can stroll through the shops in town, rent bikes to ride along the river, hike up to the Reichsburg (Imperial Fortress) a 900-year old castle that overlooks the town, or climb aboard one of the many boats that cruise the river offering fantastic views of the Mosels many terraced vineyards. (A pleasant, but relatively short two hour minimum tour on the Stadt Bonn Schiff departs Cochem at 10am en route to Beilstein, a town just five miles to the south. Passengers can wander around Beilsteins shops and restaurants and then return at their leisure.)

The only real drawback to these accommodations is that you won't escape the company of other American tourists. Many Americans have found the inn, thanks to mentions in mainstream travel publications like Fodors. Still, in a town like Cochem, we think travelers will be hard-pressed to find a place that compares to the Alte Thorschenke in its historical character.

Daily Rates: Doubles $90 to $150. Closed Jan 5 to mid-March.
Contact: Alte Thorschenke, Brückenstrasse 3, D-56812 Cochem an der Schnen Mosel, Tel +49-2671-7059, Fax +49-2671-4202
Rating: Quality 17/20, Value 14/20