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Hockenheim Hotels

If you decide to go to Hockenheim, book your room as early as possible. Nearby hotels, none of which offer much in the way of atmosphere or amenities, may be almost entirely booked by the racing teams. The Holiday Inn Walldorf, for example, seemed to have been taken over by Ferrari. A small crowd had staked out the parking lot in hopes of catching a glimpse of their hero, and you could only enter if you were a guest of the hotel or a guest of Ferrari. Of course, hotels often take Grand Prix to mean especially high rates to apply just for that weekend. To find lower rates, you may be better off staying farther afield and spending more time driving in. You can always camp in the cornfields to cut down on traffic time.

Hotel Mondial

Frankly, the only reason for travelers to stay here is its convenience to Hockenheim or other events. It is reasonably clean, modern, functional, and reasonably friendly as a small business hotel, but in the middle of a character-less suburb. We stayed here only because all rooms were taken in Heidelberg. Common areas, while not warm or particularly inviting, are well maintained and only slightly worn. We were offered a welcome drink at the bar, which is part of the narrow front lobby. Since there is no night clerk, guests must take keys with them if they go out at night. Bike rental and shuttle service to the business park are also available.