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Palmbräu Haus

Snarled traffic inspired is to take an unscheduled pit stop in Eppingen on the way back to Stuttgart. We found a pleasant enough haven at Palmbräu Haus, a nice and moderately priced eatery with garden tables in summer. It's located in a peach stucco and limestone building across from one of the several half-timbered houses in downtown Eppingen. The restaurant is rather charming, filled with curios and photos. The food is unreconstructed regional cooking--another honest, workmanlike meal of just slightly lower quality than Frankfurter Haus. We chose just one course each. The best was the pork chops (€16.80) in a fresh chanterelle cream sauce, although I suspect the "house" spätzle of being ready-made and the sauce made with a commercial base. There was also Zweibelrostbraten vom Rumpsteak, a thin, slightly overcooked but still tender escallop of beef smothered with braised onion and meat juices and yet more spätzle (€15.80) Appetizers and soups ranged from €3.80-9.80, while the main courses ran from €12-20.

We felt the food was a bit overpriced for what it was, although it was quite decent quality. We left satisfied if a little underwhelmed. Still, the traffic jam was all cleared up by the time we left.

Contact: Palmbräu Haus, Rappenauer Strasse 5, 75031 Eppingen, tel. +49/726/28 422,
Artur Weber family
Rating: Quality 13/20, Value 11/20

(The highlight of my high-calorie, high-octane tour of the Black Forest was a pit stop at Hockenheim on July 30 for a bit of world-class Sunday driving. I'd like to thank Vertu and Ferrari for arranging my unforgettable backstage visit.)