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Göttingen Restaurants


It looked promising: massive pillars supporting vaulted ceilings; historic murals; granite floors; lamps with fringed shades; and large, comfortable banquettes set against pillars and walls. The table coverings were white linen but the flowers were artificial and the napkins a heavy ersatz cloth/paper. Nonetheless, it was a medieval atmosphere with pleasant, friendly service. The food, however, was a disappointment.

Wildschweinkeulenbraten mit Pilzsosse, Preisselbeeren, Apfelrotkohl and Knödel (roast wild boar with mushroom sauce, cranberries, red cabbage with apples, and dumpling ) for about €15 was awful; dry and off-tasting. Nothing helped it, not the sauce, the Apfelrotkohl or the Preisselbeeren. The Knödel, which had been sliced and then toasted, was barely edible.

Slightly better was a roast leg of venison served with a blackberry mousse, a few tiny vegetables sprinkled with bacon, and small rounds of roast potato, € 15.

The mixed salads (€3.35) which preceded the main dishes were of fresh ingredients but in a bland, flat dressing.

The restaurant had just brought in a few cases of the first wine of the year from France's Beaujolais region and a half liter (€10) of that was at least some solace.

For some reason, one of the canned background music selections that evening was that popular dinner-time favorite, "Taps."

The two, without beverages, was €37. Nice people, but bad food.

Rathskeller, Markt 9, D-37073, tel. +49/0551/56433, fax 45733.
Rating: Quality 4/20, Value 4/20