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#3. Munich

All first-time Germany itineraries should include at least two full days in the Bavarian capital. This city will destroy any preconceived notions that Bavaria is nothing but ruddy-cheeked, fat farmers. Most Muncheners are fit and fashionable. Though its politics are different, Munich is every bit as sophisticated as Berlin.

Tourists love it for its great beer, Bavarian food, and upscale stores.

Top Sights

  • Marienplatz
  • Nympehenburg Palace (especially the Carriage Museum)
  • Englischer Garten
  • Deutsches Museum
  • The Residenz
  • Alte Pinakothek
  • BMW Museum
  • Asamkirche
  • Bavarian National Museum
  • The Hofbräuhaus

Suggested Activity

  • Have just one beer at the Hofbräuhaus. If you don't drink or even if you do, take a long walk in the Englischer Garten (beware of nude sunbathers).

A Place to Stay

  • Hotel Asam, Josephspitalstrasse 3, tel. +49/089/230 9700, fax 230 970 97.
  • Hotel Kraft, Schillerstrasse 49, tel. +49/089/594823-24 fax: 5503856

Food Suggestion

  • Spatenhaus an der Oper, Residenzstr. 12