Across from the Tourist Office, is Tübingen's most prestigious hotel, a fact easily deduced from all the plaques and decals outside the front entrance. The critical ones identify the Krone as the site for local Lions and Rotary Club meetings; usually a good indication of quality—at least in Germany.

The Schlagenhauff family opened this centrally-located hotel in 1885 and has been running things ever since. It's not surprising that an aura of permanence and continuity prevails throughout, from the large, handsome lobby to the 47 comfortable guest rooms, half of which are air-conditioned. Interspersed with all the conveniences travelers expect today are the occasional grandmotherly touches (a lace doily on an armchair, cabbage-rose patterned carpeting and tasseled velvet drapes) which do nothing but add to the charm of this establishment.

Each guest room is decorated differently with good reproduction antique furniture, attractive fabrics and decent artwork. Small but often overlooked touches like closet lights and extra hangers add to the overall comfort level and the bathrooms are fully equipped with double sinks, magnifying mirrors, hairdryers and thick towels.

A gorgeous baronial wooden staircase curves down to the lobby where huge arrangements of fresh flowers are tucked into every corner and a welcoming bowl of shiny apples sits on the front desk. There are also two highly recommended restaurants within, one more formal with a full menu, the other with a delightful Bierstube atmosphere.

Street Address: Uhlandstrasse 1
City: Tübingen (Tubingen/Tuebingen)
Country: Germany
Phone: 0 70 71 - 13 31 - 0
Fax: 0 70 71 - 13 31 32
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Quality: Rating: 4 stars
Value: Rating: 4 stars
Price Level: $$$-
Type: Hotel