This is the only small mid-class hotel within the Ring and is located across the street and a broad plaza from the train station. The exterior has a plain, early century look, while the interior is brash Art Deco that is at times stylish or over-the-top. For instance, the wall of TV sets in the lobby would fall into the latter category. Even without the TV sets, the lobby might have you seasick with all the glittering chrome accenting the swirly marble pattern on the floor and the cut-away atrium overhead. The restaurant located in a mock train carriage is meant to evoke the Orient Express, but all seems a bit overdone.

The rooms themselves, however, are quite nice. Their design is equally neo-Deco, but it somehow works in the smaller space. The open bathrooms are wonderful with diamond shaped windows looking onto the rooms and black marble counters set on dark cherry-stained cabinets. The floors are covered with dark carpets with vine-like Deco patterns that really enliven the room. The comfortable beds are cloaked in crisp white linens, and a smooth leather chair with footstool complete the furnishings. Tobacco-free rooms are also available.

While the Park Hotel is too brash to be cozy and comfortable, its prices are surprisingly good, especially considering the central location and the overdose of design.

Street Address: Richard-Wagner-Strasse 7
City: Leipzig
Country: Germany
Phone: 011 49 341 9 85 20
Fax: 011 49 341 98 52 750
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Quality: Rating: 2 stars
Value: Rating: 3 stars
Price Level: $$$-
Type: Hotel