Though Bad Sachsa (for 50-plus years a West German town with East Germany close on two sides) is pretty much a yawn, it is worth visiting if only to spend a couple of quiet nights in its wonderful Hotel Sonnenhof. We've seldom had a hotel room that offered so much at such a reasonable price. In a neighborhood of fine homes, the Sonnenhof seems more private residence than hotel.

But those who shy away from the chatty, bed & breakfast-style togetherness that often pervades zimmer frei accommodations needn't worry; there is no more invasion of privacy at the Sonnenhof than at an airport Hilton. (Less actually, considering how housekeepers at such hotels seem to barge in and out of guest rooms at all hours.) Nonetheless, the welcome is exceptionally warm. In fact, the young woman who greeted us at reception and showed us to our room acted as though our arrival was the best thing that had happened to her all day.

And what an exceptional room it was, almost a suite: huge, brightly lit, with an oversized, curving sectional couch, perfect for stretching out on with a book or to watch BBC-TV (Channel 17) or listen to the Philips stereo system (tune to one of a dozen or so preset radio stations or bring your own tapes and CDs). The spacious, sparkling, halogen-lit bathroom had a roomy shower stall and a separate toilet room, always a welcome feature. The back wall is virtually all glass and opens to a large, tiled terrace with a view of lawn and trees.

Street Address: Glaseberg 20
City: Bad Sachsa
Country: Germany
Phone: 05523 - 94370
Fax: 05523 - 943750
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Quality: Rating: 4 stars
Value: Rating: 5 stars
Price Level: $$--
Type: Hotel