Rooms are split-level, with large beds tucked in rounded alcoves a few steps up from a comfortable sitting area with large desk. Baths are comfortable and well-equipped. There are two floors in the hotel; upper floor rooms have terraces, while rooms on the lower floors have small gardens. Though most of the furniture is Italian modern with a few Romanesque touches, the clean lines and simple decoration invite comparison to Japanese style rooms. There are only 41 of these rooms.

The grounds are lovely, with a pool and cabana at the foot of a long, sloping lawn. Modern buildings sometimes lack a certain warmth. Not the Montalbano: everything possible has been done to blur the line between the softness of nature and the hardness of concrete and glass. One example is the gardens outside the rooms. Another is the hallway along the lower floor; though it is underground, wells were cut out along the back wall to allow natural light into the hallway, eliminating the closed-in, artificially-lit feeling.

Street Address: 19 via Montalbano
City: Lugano
Country: Switzerland
Phone: 011 41 91 98 58 811
Fax: 011 41 91 99 42 538
Quality: Rating: 4 stars
Value: Rating: 2 stars
Price Level:  
Type: Hotel