An old-fashioned inn with a few simple rooms to rent, none with private bath. The café-bar is a hangout for locals and the restaurant is probably the best in town. Just off the café is the small slightly more formal dining room. Cowbells and rustic wood cabinets adorn the walls. There are green and white table cloths, cloth napkins and candles on each table.

Food, for the most part, is well-prepared country fare. As usual in this sort of restaurant, we began with the mixed salad which turned out to be a refreshing blend of beets, corn, carrots, shredded lettuce and endive topped with a dollop of just-right dressing. We batted .667 with the hefty entrées: four lamb chops with garlic sauce (28 Sfr./$18) were perfectly cooked; pork chops Forestiere (21 Sfr. $13) came with the usual rich sauce and, the disappointment, Escalope Grillee (25 Sfr./$16), was one big veal steak served sauceless. Too dry. A bottle of Dôle, Des Monts from Grilliar (27 Sfr. /$17) went down easily.

Street Address:  
City: Evolene
Country: Switzerland
Phone: +41 (0) 27 283 11 51
Fax: +41 (0) 27 283 34 34
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Quality: Rating: 2 stars
Value: Rating: 2 stars
Price Level: $---
Type: Hotel