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This 16-page booklet contains information and advice not found anywhere else on the Web and is designed for Europe-bound travelers shopping for a rental car. It offers money-saving techniques for use throughout the entire rental process and contains everything you should know about renting a car in Europe in 2019.

Authors Andy and Bob Bestor explain how decisions relating to such factors as pickup and drop-off location, transmission type, vehicle category, international one-way rentals, and insurance, can affect the price of a rental by hundreds of dollars.

Free Europe Rental Car Guide

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Here are just a few of the topics covered in the free Europe Rental Car Guide that will help you through the process of renting a car in Europe:

  • CDW/theft insurance: rely on a credit card or purchase it from the rental company?

  • Avoiding “hidden” rental car charges

  • Choosing the right rental car category

  • The myth of the full-size car

  • Renting a van in Europe

  • International one-way rentals

  • GPS navigation on European rental cars

  • Winterizing your European rental car

  • Autobahn driving: staying alive at high speed

  • When things go wrong

  • Currency issues and car rental

  • Pre-paid fuel: good deal/bad deal?

  • Rental counter consumer checklist