The very central Zum Franziskaner is a popular place with Opera and theater-going Müncheners, for its laid back atmosphere, comfortable, light wood furniture and very friendly service. Bavariana without the kitsch.

The star of the show is the Spanferkel, about as traditional Bavarian as you can get, and when you find a chef who can cook it consistently well, grab him! Franziskaner did, and serves this dish, of suckling pig roasted in malt beer with Kartoffelknödel or Semmelknödel (potato or semolina-bread dumpling). It is out of this world, fine and crunchy outside and tender and succulent inside.

And the second specialty of the house is another float-off-your-plate-light dish, the astoundingly delicious Franziskaner Saure Zipfel, Bratwurst sausages marinated in an onion stock and then fried, and served with Sauerkraut and fresh-ground horseradish.

  • Price Category: Moderate
  • Zum Franziskaner, Residenzstraße 9, telephone: 089 / 23 18 12 0