It is hard to imagine a more relaxing way of getting to Pontresina from Zürich

There are quick and easy changes at Chur where riders board the distinctive red cars of the Rhaetian Railway and again at Samedan. Though it is a private line, Swiss Passes, Europasses and Eurailpasses are all honored on the Rhaetian line.

Out of Zürich, the route runs along the south shore of the Zürichersee, then by the Walensee; lovely scenery but the best is yet to come. Four stops after Chur, at Filisur, the real fun begins. The track rises from 1,919 feet at Chur to 5,863 ft. in Pontresina. There are many twists and turns and the tracks cross several arched, stone bridges that span deep canyons. In places, passengers look hundreds of feet straight down.

This segment of the route is also traveled by two famous Swiss trains; the Glacier Express and the Bernina Express.

If you're traveling at mealtime, there is a restaurant car for the approximately 90-minute run between Zürich and Chur. Otherwise, sandwiches and beverages are available from a minibar cart. Our minibar driver was a distinguished-looking, middle-aged guy who could have been a VP at your local bank.

In case you don't have one of the aforementioned train passes, roundtrip Zürich-Pontresina fares are found at

Prices current as of May 1998.