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Am Reisenbergweg

Once upon a time a dentist wanted to convert an old Heuriger into a villa, but he did not count on the strict rules. Now his son runs this Heurigen with the greatest view over Vienna. A place to hang out and dream - especially in the afternoon.
Oberer Reisenbergweg 15, tel. 320 93 93


Located in the center of Neustift am Walde, this large country house is a popular Heuriger for family parties and corporate events. Decorated in comfort and style. Large terraced garden. Excellent food.
Rathstrasse 54, tel. 440-3844.


This place offers the best bottled wine within Vienna's city limits. Fritz Wieninger is one of Austria's top young vintners. His mother and brother take care of this distinctive Heuriger in Stammersdorf. Try the souffles.
Stammersdorfer Strasse 78, tel. 292 4106.